Traci Falbo

Altra provides your mind the reassurance that you can go beyond the impossible and the comfort for your body to do it. No matter the road, trail or distance ahead—there are Zero Limits with Altra Zero Drop™ Footwear.

RunningSkirts look great from dawn to dusk no matter what your day brings your way. Made with a special sweat-wicking fabrics these high performance running skirts are very comfortable. Have fun and run fast!

Nathan Sports Driven by a keen understanding of athlete needs, Nathan’s team of innovators sweat the details-because it’s the details that matter in every pursuit.

Nathan’s comprehensive line of intuitive products for road warriors, ultra runners, triathletes, couch to 5Kers and all dedicated athletes in between includes award-winning and best-selling hydration vests, belts, handhelds, bottles, running paks, active visibility and reflective vests, and other outdoor gear essentials, all designed for a life in motion.

Traci Falbo

Drymax Trail Running socks’ Dual Layer Moisture Elimination System actually removes sweat, sweat vapors and water from the skin through the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer.

SNB is a multi purpose salve that works extremely well for preventing chafing and blisters on feet, as well as skin restorationon eczema,  cracked/dry hands, feet, and face.

Some current uses/activities of this product include ultra runners, marathoners, mountain bikers, road cyclists, triathletes, hikers/backpackers, endurance horse riders, nurses, river runners, fire fighters, chronic eczema sufferers, diaper rash, massage therapists, golfers, tattoo recovery, paws and noses on dogs and cats, mushroom hunters, motorcycle enthusiasts, unicyclists and just people who enjoy softer skin.

Epsom-it Not familiar with the benefits of Epsom salt? It’s an amazing story. If your muscles ache, you can get the proven relief of a long soak in Epsom salts—without the time, the tub, and the gallons and gallons of water. Our convenient lotion allows you to apply it right where it hurts, any time, anywhere.

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